Popular Styles in Design

There are so many ways to express your individual style. You may not have the words for what you personally like, or whether you like a mix of styles. So here are some popular design categories to help you direct the vision for your home!

Modern Farmhouse

Natural materials, raw wood, open shelving and weathered accents bring the warmth and character of country while clean lines and minimalistic styling add a modern flair to this increasingly popular style. A blend of modern comfort with a twist of history, this style creates an atmosphere of warmth and family.


This style lets raw architectural elements shine. Characterized by bare brick, wood, metals and natural and recycled materials, industrial design gives the feel of repurposing a space with a sense of longevity and style.


Defined by clean, crisp lines, modern design typically uses elements like metal, glass, and steel and focuses on simplicity. Modern design was originally popularized in reaction to the ornate Victorian style in the early 1900’s. If you prefer minimalistic, clean and ordered spaces, modern design might be for you.

Boho Chic

Carefree and relaxed, Boho chic uses layers of textures and colours with a sense of travel and culture. Throw pillows, wicker furniture and vintage pieces in a colourful display all create a sense of whimsy and unconventional fun. If the phrase ‘gypsy style’ evokes joy, then Boho Chic might be for you!


Classic furnishings, dark wood, warm tones and orderly, traditional design is influenced by the styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. If you like heritage with a sense of calm, this may be the style for you.

French Provincial

Elegance with a sense of calm, French Provincial pairs classical furnishings with bright and airy spaces. A hint of feminine and floral brings a sense of the upscale but without the fuss.


Characterised by minimalism, clean lines, and efficiency in design, the Scandinavian style encapsulates the beauty of nature in a simplistic form. If you like natural materials and textures in neutral earth or grey tones that create a sense of calm and order, this may be the style for you.


Breezy summer days, driftwood, hues of white and blue and soft natural elements bring the feel of the beach into your home year-round with this popular style. If you love bright, airy spaces that celebrate nature, this is a beautiful choice.

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